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The Three Selves

From my point of view, nothing in Hawaiian Mysticism is more important than the concept of the Three Selves. It is the basis for all practice.

Dialoguing between your Selves helps you address and even solve most problems. Your Basic Self involves your emotions and your physical existence. Your Middle Self-your thinking mind-is your source of logic. The High Self connects you with higher wisdom. It is the source of your guidance.

When these three components of a human being work in harmony, one's life works. Everyone's life is a challenge. Being physical is a huge challenge. Caring for loved ones; making your way in the world; making the most of your existence-why would you do that the hard way? Tools are available-and freely accessible.

The more you work with the Three Selves concept, the easier it becomes. At first, work is done in the Silence, the light meditative state in which you remain conscious. With practice, your High and Basic Selves will speak to you, not in an audible but in an inner voice. You can ask questions about your most troubling issues and receive answers.

Remedies often require the removal of subconscious blocks. Discovering what those are and dissolving them is not always easy and requires a commitment to change. After all, some basic assumptions have been around since childhood! Still, everything can be remedied. Change is possible.

Begin today. Write down your most troubling problem. Then, frame a question-one you would most like to have answered about this problem. Keep it simple.

Go into the Silence. Take a series of slow, deep breaths. Ask both your Basic Self and High Self to be present.

Ask your question. Clear your mind of thoughts and images. See what comes. It helps to have a notebook handy to record your questions, your answers and dialogue. If nothing comes at first, be patient and keep practicing. It will work for you.

Always thank your Selves for their help and cooperation. Note any feelings that arise. Record all in your notebook.

This is not a process of coercion. It is one of gradual realization, understanding and redirecting. Working with emotions and one's basic assumptions is the key. This often takes time.

Once you rid yourself of harmful basic assumptions, you can begin directing your energies toward the life you want. It's exciting to see changes happening in the real world.

When doing Huna work, always begin by asking that the highest good be done for yourself and others. And love yourself through this process. You are embarking on a profound experience!

With fond aloha,

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